Munich moves @ rodeo 2024. Here, radical cheerleading meets soft masculinity. Here, dancing in anatomy classes and singing about nursing are just part of the experience. Here, people come together to watch, talk, sleep, and celebrate diversity through shows, workshops, and parties, both in the Kreativquartier and across various venues throughout the city.

7 Days

10 Venues

1 City

The Rodeo Festival

Since 2010, the Rodeo Festival has been a cornerstone of Munich’s art scene. Held biennially, it showcases the city’s diverse dance and theater landscape, fosters exchange between local and international artists, sparks new artistic directions, and addresses current cultural policy issues.

Over the years, Rodeo has evolved into a focal point for local, national and international independent artists and organizations. The 2024 and 2026 editions are organized by HochX and Theater und Live Art München e.V., respectively, under the artistic direction of Ute Gröbel and Antonia Beermann. Supported by the City of Munich, the festival is also a member of FestivalFriends, a network of independent performing arts festivals across Germany.

rodeo 2024: Every Body is a Signal

At rodeo 2024, the body is in the spotlight: whether seen as male or female, young or old, healthy or ill; conforming to norms or defying them; As a queer, virtual, or collective body. Bodies are more than just bones and skin—they are seismographs of our society, bearing the imprints of values, ideologies, and desires. How we perceive and treat bodies is an eminently political question. Recently, the growing right-wing movement has also targeted the body as a battleground, agitating against “gender ideology” and sexual self-determination.

This year’s Rodeo selection stands for diversity against these repressive policies. In their works, the artists celebrate resistance, rebellion, and defiance. They envision utopias for a better tomorrow while also exploring themes of weakness, exhaustion, and vulnerability.

How do we remain tender in times of brutalization? How can we make our echo chambers and bubbles permeable again? The 12 selected pieces are a plea for empathy and attentiveness—toward people and the world around us.